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Bamboo Toothbrush for Children


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Environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush for children or adults looking for a small head toothbrush. 14.5cm long, with naturally antibacterial bamboo charcoal fibre bristles. 

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EcologyBiodegradable,Compostable,Non-GMO,Plastic free,Rainforest Alliance,Zero Waste
Diet & LifestyleVegan,Vegetarian,Cruelty-free

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Buy 10 of any of our bamboo toothbrushes to get free delivery.

Plastic toothbrush. Such a small item, but let's take a look at the amount we throw away every year with normal use and it becomes an issue.

Generally, it's advised to change your toothbrush every three months, which means that a generic small family of three bins a pound of plastic per year in toothbrushes only.  

These toothbrushes do not biodegrade throughout our entire lives. They will outlive our children.

Our toothbrushes are made entirely from bamboo, even bristles, usually manufactured from some kind of non-recyclable plastic here are made of bamboo charcoal infused nylon4.

It has been brought to our attention, that a lot of manufacturers are using nylon6 instead, and we're in the process of obtaining a certificate from an independent European authority.

Bamboo is a raw material that has been praised for its positive eco-credentials. It grows in abundance without the need for chemical pesticides. It is incredibly versatile and can be used to create fibres for textiles as well as wood-like material for a variety of products. 

We use bamboo because that way we do not endanger our forests. Bamboo grows quickly and needs less water that trees.

Bamboo charcoal comes from pieces of bamboo plants, harvested after at least five years, and burned in ovens at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1200 °C. It benefits environmental protection by reducing pollutant residue. It is an environmentally functional material featuring excellent absorption properties.

Product description

Our children toothbrush is 14.5 cm long, with a well-designed handle and a smaller head suitable for your little ones. Bamboo is polished to perfection making it safe and pleasant to touch. It has virtually no taste, so you can enjoy your favourite toothpaste without any aftertaste. Fibres are soft and will not scratch your tooth enamel. 



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