We're the first online zerowaste shop in the UK

What is zerowaste?

Zerowaste movement brings together people who want to live a more eco-friendly life by creating no landfill waste. 
People who only use recyclable and compostable materials from sustainable sources.
We promote this because we believe that a cleaner world is possible and we all deserve it. 

What's in it for you?

We understand that most people are busy. Some think they are too busy to have to put an extra effort into green living.
What we do is take that extra hassle and provide products and solutions which are already zerowaste.

  • You don't have to think about eco-friendly packaging; we take care of it. We even use reclaimed cardboard boxes if you're fine with it,
  • We use carbon-neutral delivery companies, so you don't have to worry about depleting our planet's natural resources,
  • You will never get any harmful plastics because we never use them and try to minimise even the use of safe ones,
  • You can save money and the environment in one step if you buy in bulk,
  • We support British-based manufacturers (currently over 60% of our products are made in the UK),
  • We support Eco initiatives by donating and sponsoring events and actions,
  • We stock organic, sustainable and healthy alternative groceries only.


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  • Biodegradable and completely organic edible tableware made of wheat bran, suitable for children. Excellent alternative to plastic and paper plates.


    Astonish your guests with our edible plates!

    No additives, preservatives or enhancers.

    Good to our planet, fun for our guests.
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  • free with orders over £30

    Free Unbleached Cotton Eco-bag

    To help replace plastic bags we add a free Natural Cotton bag to every order above £30.
    You can also buy our bags separately for only £1.90!

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    Simplified delivery. Your items with you in 1 to 3 weeks (EU) or up to 7 days (UK). GRATIS delivery above £30!

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  • Payment Methods

    We accept all major payment methods via PayPal secure payments. 

We have always been interested and active in helping to reduce stress on the environment.

But only when we embarked on a zerowaste road, have we realized how hard it is to even get those basic supplies an environmentally friendly family needs on daily basis. We had to switch between shops, suppliers and markets and still didn't manage to get all we wanted. And that's how an idea for this shop was born. We hope to grow and help wider groups of people to fulfill their eco-conscious goals!  

Our Second priority is internet safety.

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We believe that shopping via the internet should be a convenient, easy, fast and fun way to get products. That's why our entire shop, your account transactions and even product pages you go through are 100% SSL secured.

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